Spring Sprung

Here we are... after an almost two and a half month hiatus!  Life has been fun, hectic, crazy, and rewarding as of late.  Emma ended up staying with us for six weeks, and between her visit, transitioning into a new position at work, and all the beautiful weather (and yard work), Mr. B. and I have hardly had a second to ourselves!  Besides all of that, we have seven weddings coming up! 

Paul and I spent a lot of time in the fall planting flower bulbs.  It was well worth the effort!  When winter was on the way out, crocuses bloomed through the snow to usher in the spring... they were followed by daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, and a multitude of other spring blooms.  

Though now the spring blooms have faded, summer flowers are starting to make their way out and the yard is looking as lovely as ever!  

Mr. B. and I are looking forward to our second summer being married... to the outdoor concerts, beautiful weddings, barbeques on the deck, boat rides, holidays, and more!  


Madison Zoo

After we left Milwaukee, we headed to the Madison area to show Emma some of our favorite spots.  We took her to the Mustard Museum, to Mount Horeb and the Grumpy Troll, and all kinds of our other little favorite spots... her favorite place of all was the Henry Villas Zoo.

It was a pretty cold and dreary day... a big change from the 70 degree and sunny weather we have been having as of late.  It even started to drizzle on our way home... but the weather didn't stop us from enjoying the zoo and seeing all the animals that weren't away for the winter.


Safe House

On Sunday, we headed up to Milwaukee to visit Abby and James, and to show Emma the city.  No first time visit would be complete without a trip to the Safe House!  The Safe House is an espionage themed restaurant and bar, complete with a secret password, a few secret passages, and all kinds of other cool spy stuff!

Bless Abby and James' hearts for going there with us... it was probably the 100th time they have been there since everyone who visits them wants to go... such good sports!  

We also did some shopping in the Third Ward area and on Brady Street.  I love Milwaukee!  Paul and I always enjoy going up to visit Abby and James and can't wait to go up again soon.  


Black Hawk

Since Emma is here for a visit I have been planning all kinds of fun and random things for us to do.  After we got back from our mini road-trip and had a few days of rest, Emma and I hit the road for a day trip to Oregon, IL to check out the Black Hawk statue at Lowden State Park. 

Now, Paul happened to have the GPS in his car, so I decided to hand write the directions in the chicken scratch that I call writing.  We ended up here...

Lowden Forest Preserve... it was pretty, but not at all where we wanted to be.

After some guessing and some luck we finally ended up at the park!

It was such a beautiful day!  I can't believe that I have been wearing shorts and sandals in March this year... it doesn't seem real.